Parent Coordination

By: Barahona Consulting & Mediation | Published 10/13/2020


After divorce, many parents have difficulty working together as co-parents. No surprise there! It often takes years for the psychological wounds from the divorce to heal. In the meantime, children can suffer long-term trauma when parents have difficulty putting their own issues aside.

Parent Coordination is a program that helps co-parents work together for the sake of the children. Parent Coordination sessions are led by a specially trained professional. Through a series of several sessions, generally 6-8, the co-parents practice effective communication skills, explore best practice parenting techniques, and develop a personalized parenting plan that works for them.

Parent Coordination programs are open to all co-parents who feel they could benefit from this extra level of support. In extreme cases, parent coordination may even be court-ordered. If you and your co-parent are having a difficult time, then you can assume your children are too. Don’t wait - call for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation today.

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