COVID Vaccine Facts

By: Birken Medical Aesthetics | Published 01/13/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Dr. Birken and his wife, along with our nurse practitioners, Diane and Lesley, as well as our nurse Erin, have received the new COVID vaccine.

Here is some interesting information about the vaccine.

1. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe
2. Neither will give you COVID
3. Neither will “alter” your DNA
4. There will be local discomfort on the first innoculation and possible some fever and fatigue with the second. Not everyone will experience the fever on the second boost.
5. It is highly effective in stopping COVID and cannot be compared to the highly mutable influenza virus that we have to chase each year with a new vaccine.

Dr. Birken highly recommends being vaccinated in order to stop the pandemic. However, every state/county varies for vaccination timing. Here are some links:

COVID-19 Vaccine at HEB

COVID-19 Vaccine at Walgreens

Magnolia Pharmacy has an online portal:

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