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By: The Woodhouse Day Spa | Published 02/09/2021


Stressed, sore, and looking for a healing Massage in The Woodlands?  Taking time for yourself to enjoy a massage is a great way to reduce the stress of the daily hustle bustle or alleviate pain from tired muscles. A good massage will alleviate some tension and help you relax, but did you know that massage provides many additional health benefits?  Massage therapy can benefit people of all ages from infants to the elderly, mothers-to-be to athletes, in a number of different ways far beyond providing the benefits of relaxation.

There are different types of massage therapies that focus on various health benefits, making massage therapy an important part of caring for your health and well-being. Full-service spa and massage therapy in The Woodlands, TX offers various massage therapy types and professional techniques focused on caring and healing your mind and body.  


Massage in The Woodlands, TX Difference
Massage therapy in The Woodlands is the perfect way to find calmness and serenity in a world that can be fast paced. Feel your worries and stresses melt away under our care, and give your skin, muscles, and mental health the care they need. You can even get a massage with a friend, special someone, or a group of loved ones! 

Other than being a soothing and relaxing experience, a massage has several benefits:

Improves circulation throughout the entire body
Encourages lymphatic detox
Can include therapeutic stretching to help relieve chronic pain
Reduces inflammation
Includes vitamin-rich oils that nourish your skin

Massage Therapy: History
Massage therapy has been used for centuries, dating back thousands of years to ancient writings from Egypt, India, Japan, China, Greece, and Rome. Even Hippocrates defined medicine as “the art of rubbing”.  Massage has a long history in many cultures around the world, with many people using different massage therapy types to treat various health-related conditions.  Massage therapy was one of the very first tools that people around the globe used to treat pain and other symptoms. 


Conditions Treated with Massage
Massage therapy has been found to be helpful for many conditions in addition to providing relaxation and comfort.  Massage can be helpful for: 

Insomnia related to stress
Myofascial pain syndrome
Temporomandibular joint pain
Headaches and migraines
Anxiety and depression
Digestive disorders
Sports injuries
Repetitive stress injuries
Soft tissue strains or injuries
Muscle tension, back, shoulder and neck pain
Research shows that massage can provide benefits to people living with these conditions and helps to reduce your heart rate, increase blood circulation and lymph flow.  Massage also improves range of motion which is helpful in many physical therapies and improves mood by increasing endorphins.


Types of Massage Therapy
The Woodhouse Day Spa provides invigorating body treatments, skin treatments and various professional types of massage therapy in The Woodlands, all which release tension, enhance circulation and contribute to overall wellness.  Our experienced massage professionals will talk with you about your health concerns and goals with massage therapy to help determine the best massage treatment for you. 

The Woodhouse Day Spa incorporates a technique we call Touch with Intent Technique. This technique means that rather than simply applying the product to the face or body, we select key receptor areas, either neurological, circulatory, or pressure points and energy lines to enhance the application.  This is a gentle, but firm touch, a wave-like pumping motion to stimulate lymphatic flow, or direct pressure, we use a great deal of focus on our intention and communicate our message to the guests.  All types of massage therapy are beneficial to improving circulation while reducing stress and fatigue.  Different styles of massage therapy use various techniques to manipulate soft-tissue such as kneading, stroking, tapping, rocking, or applying steady pressure.  The massage professionals at The Woodhouse Day Spa in The Woodlands offer several types of massage therapy including some of the most common massages such as the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point massage.  

Here is more information on the various types of The Woodhouse Day Spa’s massage therapy in The Woodlands.  Upon entering The Woodhouse Day Spa, the guests are treated to a warm smile, a luxurious robe and comfortable sandals to begin melting the stress away. They will unwind in the relaxation lounge before they begin their journey to relaxation and rejuvenation. Each wellness and stress relieving massage service begins with the Calming Ritual, a Woodhouse Signature Ritual, easing them into a state of peace and inner reflection.  


The Swedish Massage
The classic Swedish massage is a stress-relieving, gentle form of massage that uses circular movements and long, flowing strokes to induce relaxation and circulation.  A Swedish massage is a great way to introduce yourself or loved ones to a popular massage for unwinding and energizing. 


Deep Tissue Massage
The Deep Tissue massage technique uses slower, stronger strategic strokes to target deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle.  This type of massage therapy is often used with trigger point therapy, sports massage and stretching to relieve stress, strain, inflammation, and muscle damage from injuries. 


Therapeutic Stone Massage
A Therapeutic Stone massage is a time honored practice of using the direct heat from smooth stones heated by water to relax muscles with light to moderate pressure on key body trigger points.  The warmth from the stones allows our massage therapists to access deeper layers of muscle, soothing your muscles and your mind while increasing circulation and serenity. 

These are all popular types of massages proven to relax, rejuvenate and renew, the perfect way to start a new year.  Additional types of massage therapy include:

Core Body Balancing 
Reflexology Foot Massage
Relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulder
Mellow Mama for moms-to-be 
The Woodhouse Day Spa also provides specialized, signature massages like the:


Duet Massage
A therapeutic treat for yourself and a special someone to share in relaxing, side-by-side Swedish massage.  


Four-Handed Woodhouse Signature Massage
Enjoy the feeling of four hands at once massaging your body in unison, from two therapists moving seamlessly together in rhythmic movements.  Your skin is nourished with organic aromatic oil, soothing the senses while leaving you feeling renewed.  Our massage therapists perform a full-body massage including reflexology and soothing scalp massage, creating a sense of wellbeing and calmness. 

All these types of massage therapy provide many health and wellness benefits in addition to stress and tension relief and relaxation.  We also offer specialized massage techniques from experienced massage therapists focused on improving sleep.  Sleep is critical to a healthy mind and body, let The Woodhouse Day Spa put you in a new state of relaxation with our exclusive, deeply relaxing sleep treatment massages using organic products such as wild lavender and warm aromatherapy.  Our purposeful massage techniques and calming tea ritual help you unwind, relax, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.


Benefits of Massage Therapy
According to an article by the Mayo Clinic, Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits, massage is much more than a feel-good way to indulge yourself.  Massage is a powerful tool that can provide many benefits to your health and well-being.  Massage actually helps to eliminate the painful effects of lactic acid build up which occurs in sore, overworked muscles.  Learn more about the many benefits of massage therapy and schedule your session today! 

The Woodhouse Day Spa is devoted to our guests and feel it is a privilege and pleasure to serve you on your journey to greater wellness, relaxation and rest.  Our goal is to help you return to the world renewed, to begin embracing the life that is calling you.  Contact us today to learn more about the full benefits of the many types of massage therapy in The Woodlands. 

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