Summer Rowing

By: Rowing Club of The Woodlands | Published 06/02/2021

Summer Rowing

Summer starts on the 20th of June but if you ask me, it feels like it's already here. Schools are closed, the days are longer, pools are opening and the mosquitos have definitely moved in.

Our friends up North take advantage of these months since they aren't able to row throughout the entire winter. It's just not the same to row on ice as it is rowing on a bed of liquid H2O. I've spoken to several of them at Regattas and online through Group chats and they all tell me how much they envy our access to a lake all year round. 

If you look over our lake now, you'll see dads teaching their sons how to fish, friends out on paddle boats squeaking through the channel, the intrepid paddle boarders walking on water, and the Woodlands Rowing Crew cutting through the surface of the lake with every catch and release. It's idyllic and beautiful.

Rowing life is amazing. Come join us.

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