Don't Fall For These Plumbing Myths

By: Daniels Plumbing | Published 06/18/2021


If you’re experiencing a plumbing problem, where do you go first for information? While you might be able to get answers from friends or on the internet, there are lots of plumbing myths out there that can leave you with more trouble than when you started. In order to keep your pipes and your wallet intact, it’s important to understand what not to do:

Myth: Don’t Worry About Leaky Faucets
You look at a leaky faucet and see only a couple drops a minute. You assume that everything’s OK and that the problem can wait. What you don’t realize is how much water you’re wasting with that leak. A leak dripping once a second wastes nearly nine gallons a day. In addition, the drips cause the faucet to wear out faster than anticipated, necessitating the need for a replacement.

Myth: Exploding Water Heaters
A properly working water heater should make little to no noise, so if it rumbles or bangs during operation, some may assume that it’s exploding. What those sounds really mean is that the heating element in the water heater is dirty. An experienced plumber can eliminate most of the sediment issues with regular drainage of the water heater.

Myth: Lemon Peels Clean a Garbage Disposal
Lemon peels may help to freshen the smell of your garbage disposal, but they’re too thick for most units, leading to clogs or a burnt-out unit. A better solution is to use white vinegar to improve the smell. For cleaning, use egg shells. In extreme cases, use ice cubes since they’re abrasive but easy to break down.

Myth: It’s Okay to Flush Flushable Wipes
Despite the name, flushable wipes are anything but. They don’t dissolve in water the same way toilet paper does, which means they cause clogs deep in the drainage system. Continued flushing of the wipes may cause the entire system to stop up.

Don’t be fooled for these plumbing myths! If you are looking for a plumber in The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring or surrounding areas call us at (281) 351-6661 or contact us online to get your plumbing problem taken care of quickly. We have 24 hour service 7 days a week and there are no special charges for after- hours calls.

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