Freedom from Pain After 3 Years … Kim’s Powerful Story

By: Woodlands Family Chiropractic | Published 06/29/2021


Kim’s POWERFUL story… FREEDOM from 3 years of PAIN…


Dr. Keyes and his wonderful staff at Woodlands Family Chiropractic really helped me turn my life around in 2017!

For three years, I have been battling left hand/arm/chest pain. Went to Orthopedics, Orthopedic surgeons, Cardiologist, PT and Neurologist in the Houston – Medical Center to FINALLY figure out the pain was coming from my Neck and just a “little arthritis.”

I was scheduled for knee replacement in July, and was desperate for my neck pain and hand numbness to GO AWAY! (Side Note: I’m 54 years old, 5’4″, 128 lbs.) I went in May to have an “Epidural Neck Injection of Steroid” at Methodist Outpatient Center from a Dr. Sickler. It did help the neck pain, but hand still hurt.

But, six weeks to the day after injection, my neck pain came back with a VENGANCE. I called to get another injection scheduled. “I’m sorry, his next available office appointment to see him is in August.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Knee Replacement was cancelled.

My husband recommended going to Dr. Keyes. He had heard about him from other Anadarko employees in The Woodlands. I must admit that I was skeptical of Chiropractic, but I was desperate. I went for my first office visit with Dr. Keyes and after listening to everything I had to say, necessary X-rays of the neck were performed.

My spine was stiff and straight as a board. Dr. Keyes informed me, it would take 3 months. I scheduled to come in 3 times a week for adjustments, which entailed the cox “stretching” table, tens unit, ice, exercise/stretching instructions (from Shaun/Millie). Also, did a massage every two weeks (Nick/Cathy).

In 3 months, the pain was gone from the neck, hand pain and numbness gone, no feeling of having a heart attack going across chest into arm! I had successful knee replacement surgery on October 31st. After 2 months being laid up from knee surgery, I continue my adjustments once a week for maintenance.

I’m in tears writing this note, because I’m so THANKFUL to Dr. Keyes and his wonderful staff of employees including Tammy, Eliana, and Christina. Now I’m a walking billboard for Woodlands Family Chiropractic to anyone who will listen that have neck and back pain.

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