Notice on Telehealth and Covid-19 at Family & Youth Institute

By: Family & Youth Institute, LLC | Published 07/27/2021


Video Counseling Sessions

Therapists at family and youth institute are offering encrypted video counseling sessions (telementalhealth) in an effort to maintain safety for all while continuing to provide quality, effective client care.

If clients have symptoms of potential illness, particularly cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, reduced smell or taste or any respiratory problems, we ask them to notify their therapist or fyi office administrator and schedule video sessions.

Family and Youth Institute is committed to providing the best care possible to clients during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, therapists are offering video conference sessions in lieu of face-to-face visits. Most therapists continue to offer in-office service to clients who may not benefit from video sessions. To the best of our ability we frequently sanitize areas clients and therapists touch and use throughout the day, Clients are advised, however, the best way to protect themselves and others from the virus is to stay home as much as possible unless it is absolutely necessary to go out of your home. We are making every effort to maintain a safe environment, but we are unable to guarantee there is no COVID 19 Virus in the office as it is highly contagious.

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