Top 3 Electrical Upgrades For Safety & Function

By: Covenant Electrical Services | Published 07/28/2021


Whether you have a new home or an old home, there are certain electrical upgrades that will improve how safe and enjoyable your home life is. Certain upgrades need to be done for electrical safety while others just make life easier.

Life isn’t so fun when a circuit gets overloaded and it fries out all the expensive computer equipment. We need to count on our electrical systems to be safe and function well, so our Conroe electricians at Covenant Electrical Services recommend the following electrical upgrades for your contemporary household.

Install Outlet Switches

Outlet switches offer a convenient way to reduce the energy consumption of a household. Even if an appliance is turned off, it will still draw energy through the outlet. To stop this, manufacturers have developed smarter outlets that can be switched off so an appliance draws no energy.

This simple upgrade can stop a lot of energy wastage throughout the house. It’s easy to get them installed, just contact your electrician or Covenant Electrical Services in Conroe and ask them about upgrading to outlet switches.

Upgrade The Breaker Box

Whether it’s just time to replace an old breaker box or you need more performance from your electrical system than the current panel is able to provide, an upgrade will improve things. Electrical panel boxes need to be upgraded for safety about every ten years. But they also need to be upgraded when your household demands more than the old panel can provide.

The electrical panel contains the breakers that shut off power to a circuit when the circuit overloads. You overload a circuit when an appliance is too large or there are too many things plugged into the outlets along a circuit of wiring. This happens quite often today because of all the electronics, home computing equipment, and heavy appliances we use in modern households. If the lights are flickering or you can’t use the microwave while other appliances are running, it’s already past time for a breaker box upgrade.

Upgrade the breaker box and ask your electrician about installing additional circuits where needed.

Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors & CO2 Combo Detectors

Upgrading to a hard-wired smoke detector rather than relying on a battery powered smoke alarm is important for safety. The cheap battery-operated smoke detectors that were made even ten years ago aren’t reliable. Replace all the old smoke alarms in your house with a good one. They come with ten-year warranties and a ten-year backup battery that you never have to replace. Make the upgrade today and continue to upgrade every ten years. Once the electrician installs the wiring, it will be a simple replacement later.

Having a CO2 detector is also important if you have gas-burning appliances in your home. This includes hot water heaters, stoves, furnaces, indoor grills, and fireplaces. Today, you can install a combo unit that detects both smoke and carbon monoxide.

If you would like to learn more about Electrical Upgrades For Safety & Function, please call Covenant Electrical Services in Conroe at 936-788-2084 or fill out our online request form.

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