Back to School with Tears and Cheers

By: Corcoran | Ferester Realty | Published 08/16/2021


I know most everyone has just sent a child or grandchild back to school, whether kindergarten or college, with a mixture of excitement and apprehension for the coming season. Hopefully we will see a decline in Covid cases so that the students can enjoy school without having all the restrictions or even closing schools again. I for one, am very positive that things will only get better and that the kids can have the full experience that we had growing up.

Bob and I are saying goodbye to our granddaughter Grace, who is going back to A&M for her senior year. We have had so much fun over the past three years having her stay with us in the summers, interning at our real estate company. Her degree will be in Leadership and Development with a minor in marketing . This is a great base for launching her real estate career upon her graduation.

Grace has her real estate license and has had several sales this summer, and will continue, during the school year, to assist in all marketing and social media aspects of the company.

So Grace, until the spring, we will miss having you around every day and will look forward to graduation and continuing the family legacy of real estate with our oldest granddaughter.


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