The Ideal Dedicated Home Office

By: TEAMSINISI Real Estate Group | Published 08/17/2021


It's currently estimated that 25% to 30% of adults will work from home at least part of the time by the end of 2021. The era of the dedicated home office is here and will probably be a long-term trend for new homes. Not everyone can work from the kitchen or bedroom, so planning for a home office will be critical. What makes an ideal dedicated home office? Here are a few things to consider.

A Dedicated Space

In the current homebuying market, we're seeing more people actively seeking homes with a 

dedicated home office or a den or extra bedroom that can be used in this manner. While working from the kitchen or living room may be an acceptable temporary solution, working from home should be distraction-free, so a dedicated space is essential.

A Proper Desk

Furnishing your office will also help you feel more professional while working from home. At the very least, you need to choose a suitable desk for your needs. Some people may do well with a minimal setup that includes just a simple writing desk. Others may need additional storage or equipment such as a printer or filing cabinets. However, starting with the right desk is a good foundation for any office.

The Right Chair

The second most crucial aspect of your home office is the right chair. If you're working from home eight hours a day or more, an uncomfortable dining chair isn't going to cut it. You need to choose something ergonomic that properly supports your posture while you work. A dedicated desk chair will always be the best solution, but choose the one that's right for you.

Excellent Lighting

While you may dislike the fluorescent lights in some office buildings, you can't swing to the other extreme just because you're working from home. Dim lights will affect your ability to concentrate and will cause additional eyestrain. Choose a good overhead light, and include a desk or task light to augment it.

High-Speed Internet

Of course, the single thing that makes remote work possible is good internet access. We're finding that homebuyers are looking specifically in areas with good internet. Your company may provide additional tools such as a personal Mi-Fi hotspot or a virtual private network to encrypt your connection for added data security. Still, a high-speed internet connection is the foundation of a good remote work setup.

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