Don’t Miss Out On the Blue Moon This Sunday, August 22nd Over The Woodlands.

By: Woodlands Online | Published 08/20/2021



On Sunday night, August the 22nd, the skies will be filled with a Blue Moon. While a Blue Moon doesn’t mean the moon will actually be blue, it does mean the moon will be full - shining in all it’s glory through the hopefully clear skies over our head.

The Blue Moon is a seasonal full moon, the third full moon of the 4 season cycle. Most 3 month periods only have 3 full moons, but this season there will be 4. On average this happens once every 2.5 years, but last year we were lucky enough to have one on Halloween! If the weather allows, get your cameras ready and enjoy the beautiful sight of a full moon with family and friends.

So why is it called a blue moon if it isn’t blue?

The naming practice for full moons in a season was used by farmers. Normally the 3rd full moon of the season marks the end of that season, and Farmers would use this as reference around when they either needed to be starting or finishing harvest  in the fall season (depending on their locations). So the years a fall season would have 4 full moons, farmers needed to be aware it was not the last full moon of the season and labeled it a blue moon. Farmers Almanacs began adopting the name, and that’s how we got a “blue moon” that isn’t blue. Who exactly coined the term is up for debate, but I think most can agree naming it after a color may be considered fake news by today’s standards - luckily they didn’t have twitter back then. 

Enjoy viewing the not-so Blue Moon Sunday night, August the 22nd. After all, you might not always have that view of the moon, before we know it Elon Musk could start mining off the surface of the moon for his Mars base.

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