4 Things to Include on Your Master Bedroom Wishlist


Given how the master suite is the one place in the home that is completely yours, you should consider making it as luxurious as possible. How about a remodel by your trusted home renovation company, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of The Woodlands? We’ll help you enhance your master suite with features that take its look and feel to the next level. Here are a few ideas:

1. Walls that make a big impression. You can give your master bedroom an excellent focal point by adding an accent wall. You can do this by painting one wall a more vibrant color, hanging wallpaper with a distinctive pattern or even using panels of reclaimed wood. The design possibilities are almost endless, and prevent your master suite from looking too boring.

2. Proper lighting. You probably already know that good lighting is an integral part of any home remodel. Natural light is, of course, the ideal choice as it keeps your master bedroom illuminated during the day. But as day turns to night, you’ll need overhead ambient light that can help you navigate safely. To create a more dramatic mood in the master suite, place smaller lamps or wall sconces around the room. 

3. An upgraded headboard. That plain wood headboard just won’t do. Make sure to upgrade it with something soft and oversized. An upholstered headboard not only instantly draws the eye, it’s also more functional and comfortable. This means streaming movies or reading books while in bed won’t leave you with a literal pain in the neck.

4. A beautiful but low-maintenance rug. At one point, you probably got out of your warm and cozy bed only for your feet to meet a cold, hard floor. You know what your master bedroom needs? A soft rug that increases your comfort, while also being easy to maintain. There are plenty of choices available to you. Shag remains a classic and cozy option. If you want to add a beach vibe to your bedroom, try a seagrass rug. There’s also wool for those looking for better durability and softness. Whatever you decide on, make sure the rug is just the right size for your master suite. 

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