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Posted Wed, Jun 16, 2021
Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular home design trends of the last decade, and with good reason. Not only do they add resale value to your home, but outdoor kitchens also allow you to increase your entertainment space—especially if you ...
Posted Sun, Apr 25, 2021
A garbage disposal is a valuable addition to any kitchen, helping to reduce the volume of household waste and make cleaning up after meal preparation a breeze.
Posted Thu, Feb 18, 2021
Microwaves were first introduced for household use in 1965, although they didn't become affordable until well into the 1970s.
Posted Mon, Sep 21, 2020
You might already know how to maintain your washing machine to some extent. You make sure the appliance is level , you don’t overload it, etc.
Posted Sun, Sep 06, 2020
A wall oven or range typically lasts about 16 years if it’s properly maintained. Even though oven lifespan varies, you may reasonably expect that your oven will work for more than a decade—even two decades on the higher end of the spectrum.
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