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Posted Mon, May 02, 2022
After spending most of their time indoors during winter, it’s time for older adults to adopt practical spring health tips to stay active and healthy. The warmer weather comes with numerous opportunities that seniors can explore
Posted Mon, Feb 21, 2022
Senior living can be dull without incredible geriatric activity ideas for older adults. This can affect your senior loved one’s physical and mental health.
Posted Mon, Dec 13, 2021
There are many benefits of minimalism in senior living, including reduced stress and improved productivity. Minimalism involves narrowing down things to essentials to foster simplicity in seniors
Posted Mon, Nov 15, 2021
As your loved one ages and you look into special care, you certainly want to make the best decision possible. Unfortunately, with nursing homes and assisted living facilities alike each calling themselves the best choice,
Posted Mon, Oct 18, 2021
Most older adults aged 50 and above struggle to get a healthy lifestyle because they lack information on the right senior health tips. Seniors with chronic conditions should adopt the best healthcare practices to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
Posted Tue, Oct 12, 2021
Elderly care planning is an essential service for any older adult. It is therefore advised that you approach caregiving when fully organized.
Posted Fri, Oct 01, 2021
Natural disasters can be disastrous to many seniors, especially when there’s no elderly disaster preparedness plan.
Posted Mon, Sep 06, 2021
Art therapy for seniors has become a subject of interest for the past few years due to its positive effects on older adults’ mental well-being.
Posted Tue, Aug 31, 2021
Craft activities are among the most senior-friendly DIY projects that can help keep your senior loved ones active and healthy.
Posted Fri, Aug 13, 2021
Engaging in hobbies that are good for your health is beneficial. Research submits that taking time out to enjoy a hobby could improve your wellbeing and health. Hobbies can help you trail things that enrich, de-stress, and keep you active when o...
Posted Mon, Jul 12, 2021
If the brain is an organ and not a muscle, then how does exercise affect the brain? People exercise to boost their glutes, but scientists prove that exercising can help your brain too.