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Posted Wed, Jun 09, 2021
article written by Elizabeth Broadbent has some wonderful ideas how mothers whose children are diagnosed with ADHD can help their children keep their minds alert and focused
Posted Tue, Jun 01, 2021
Your ADHD medication helps with focus and impulsitivity — but you still struggle with time management, organization, and self-esteem. Could an ADHD coach be the solution you need? Read on to research the pros and cons of coaching.
Posted Mon, Mar 22, 2021
Seems a bit silly, right? Some people are terrified of something most would consider so trivial such as a musical instrument (that we typically get joy from), but to a sufferer of aulophobia - “woodwind” you know - stage fright at the orchestra ...
Posted Thu, Aug 06, 2020
Does your student lose homework frequently? Does he or she have trouble planning and prioritizing tasks in school or at home?
Posted Wed, Jul 01, 2020
For those that struggle with ADHD (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder), everyday tasks can be a challenge.
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