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What May Be The Most Convenient Medicare Advantage Plan To Date!

A new Medicare Advantage plan is available which may provide the greatest access to medical providers, coupled with $0 out-of-pocket expense, to date!

Time To Reshop Your Medicare Supplement Insurance?

The reality is – all Medicare Supplement premiums increase as we age. Couple this with ongoing cost increases within Medicare itself – which are inevitably passed on to premiums – and it behooves us to ...

Drivers are choosing to drive distracted even when fully aware of the danger

New State Farm research completed in March 2022 suggests that consumers may not be fully focused on driving.

Entry Of Aetna And UnitedHealthcare In 2022 ACA Health Insurance Market And Changes In Medicare

The entry of Aetna and Unitedhealthcare in the 2022 ACA health insurance market fails to impress this editor/agent. Increase in Medicare premiums and deductibles far surpass the Administration's cited 5...

Getting Organized for Houston’s Hurricane Season | 6 Quick Safety Reminders

If you’ve never lived near the coast, the thought of a hurricane can understandably put one’s stomach into knots. Houston hurricane season is unusual and often unpredictable.

Wading deep into answering questions about floods and flood insurance

As personal and public safety balances on options of how best to keep you and your possessions protected, planning ahead of time for how to handle unfortunate events is essential. The floods of previous...

Business After Hours

Business After Hours is a complimentary social providing you with opportunities to meet, mingle & build relationships with other area business professionals. Business After Hours rotates to diffe...

Yoga Nidra with a relaxing sound bath. Restorstive class

Relax and renew your mind and body with Bhakti Light as she shares her yoga Nidra and crystal sound bowls, guiding you to the theta relaxed state . Enjoy this gentle space in between waking an...