Windows 10 / Server / HP ML110 G7 Server

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HP ML110 G7 Server for sale

  1.  Convenient desktop form factor (with room for lots of add-in cards & devices) 
  2.  Loaded with 32GB of RAM already, so it's ready to go !
  3.  Linux, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 are all fully supported
  4.  Lots of USB ports, room for hard drives 
  5.  INCLUDES HP ILO3 (remote network KVM) - best version which shows FULL video, mouse, keyboard via network - SUPER handy - even before the OS boots! 
  6.  Includes 4 Hard Drive caddies, for easily adding more drives.  Worth about $50. 
  7.  Firmwares current to mid-2020.  Well-supported by HP. 
  8.  CPU:  Xeon E3-1220 
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