New 65-Pc Slime Kit Educational Science Gift Toy + Bonus Surprise

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SURPRISE YOUR SLIME AND SCIENCE LOVERS: Perfect gift for birthday parties, parent-kid time, science experiments & kits for kids, arts and crafts projects & learning! This kit is one of the best gifts for many ages and the perfect toy for your kids, friends and family throughout the whole year. This ultimate slime kit is perfect for spending time together and having fun with imaginative creations.  You will simply love this Kit!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED WITH OVER 65 SUPPLIES IN ONE KIT: This all-inclusive kit is fully equipped with all necessary supplies. Includes: white and clear PVA glue, baking soda, saline solution activator, as well as all exciting accessories to create over 15 variations of slime: instant snow, glow & thermochromic powder, gold leaf, glitter, foam balls, fruit shapes, unicorn and emoji toys, pearls, fishbowl and plastic beads, clay, scents and food colouring in all rainbow colors!

AMAZING TACTILE SENSORY EXPERIENCE for the whole family - stretch, squish, knead, squeeze, let your slime ooze between your fingers, bubble it or change the colors with temperature. Improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination! Learn the unique chemical compositions behind the original slime - mixtures, substances, polymers, viscosity, cross linking & more. A detailed manual with chemistry concepts is included. Perfect STEM Learning and Activity!

MAKE YOUR OWN SLIME THAT NO OTHER DIY KITS OFFER. PRACTICAL FORMULAS WITH ONLY A FEW SIMPLE STEPS AND INGREDIENTS. Follow the formulas to create your own unique slime and slime games - Rainbow Unicorn Slime, Glamour Glitter Slime, Chameleon Color Changing Slime, Spooky Glow-In-The-Dark-Slime, Cool Blast Snow Slime, Luxury Gold Leaf Slime, Birthday Cake Floam Slime, Sweet Fruit Slime, Fishbowl/Emoji Slime and Fluffy Clay Slime. Go wild!!

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