Sandhopper Motorized Beach Wagon - 34" x 60"

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Price: $1,950.00 Firm

I am selling my Sandhopper 34" wide x 60" long electric beach wagon. Yes, this is the Extra Large wagon in the Sandhopper beach wagon family and you can buy it for $1950, much lower than the price you will find it for online ($4775 - see link below).

This battery-powered beach cart is fully motorized and features a variable forward and reverse speed throttle (0-4 MPH) and hand brake, both conveniently located on the specially designed steering handle.

This wagon features a new and improved handle design which contains the throttle, on and off buttons as well as forward or reverse functions for convenience and ease of use. The Sandhopper has a standard range of 3-4 miles on a full charge (on the standard 24 volt 22 AH battery). Upgrade to heavier duty batteries for up to a 10-mile range.

They are equipped with the famous Wheeleez low-pressure tires, which are known to be the ultimate tire for beach sand use. Choose from 42 cm x 20 cm. (16" x 8") tires and 15" turf tires. Note that the 16” Wheeleez can carry loads reaching up to 600 lbs while the 15" turf tire can carry up to 1,000 lbs of load on leveled surfaces. Running on sloped surfaces may result to a decrease in the weight capacity of up to 25% of its maximum capacity.

The Sandhopper is the ideal tool for families (especially young children, special needs, and elderly members) to take their equipment to the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air at the beach, which was next to impossible in the past. Full line of accessories to accommodate those families to make their adventures much more pleasant and enjoyable. It is also ideal for resorts located on the beachfront, allowing them to make 1 or 2 trips to bring beach equipment, drinks, and food to the beachfront, instead of having to go back and forth numerous times.

Besides being the best electric beach wagon, it can also easily go over steep hills, ramps and rough terrain. Besides being the best electric beach wagon, it can also easily go over steep hills, ramps, and rough terrain.

The all aluminum-built cart is Made in the USA and comes standard with a sand color powder coat finish deck, silver uprights, and black rails.

This Electric-Powered Beach Wagon comes standard with a 90 Amp digital programmable motor controller ergonomically designed to maximize safety performance and durability.

Earlier this year, I installed 2 new batteries, a new ignition with 2 keys, and had the throttled rebuilt by Sandhopper (By the way, their customer service in California is incredible if you ever need it.)

Watch this short video of my unit in action here:

This unit is available for pickup only - the price is firm, and you are welcome to come by and check it out.

Thanks - Vic Two81 - two nine two - 1920

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