IV Vitamin Infusion

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Replenish your body with nutrients that improve your skin’s overall appearance, provide focal enhancing hydration, prevent illness and encourage quicker recovery!
A complete nutritional diet has an immediate impact on mood, just like exercise has an immediate impact on energy. Unfortunately, most people consume very little of what the body needs to lead a productive life that can effectively manage high levels of stress. Common side effects of dealing with day to day stress may include blurred vision, chronic fatigue, and even mood swings.
IV infusions are the perfect way to enhance any treatment, to beautify, strengthen or rejuvenate from inside as well as out. Our nurses can create custom blends based on your individual needs. IV drips are pain free and leave you feeling all around refreshed while delivering essential vitamins ready to tackle any depletion your body might be facing. High quality ingredients balanced with blends of vitamin B-complex and vitamin C will restore your bodies natural resilience, recovery patterns and enhance the ability to combat fatigue!
Infusions can be easily added onto most services and generally take between 45-60 minutes each. Drip with friends! You can also schedule ahead for group treatments and discounts for 3 or more clients! Current IV infusions available include:
Liquid Lift- Rehydrate organs for all over health and better body function
Performance Hydration-Intense recovery for high intensity athletes
Fountain of Youth- Addressing hair, nails, and skin
Natural Defense- For compromised systems or needing a quick recovery
Executive- Feel for focused, alert & present

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