Join our Facebook Virtual Writers Group and connect with others interested in resources, writing prompts, word sprints, and venting about the amazing/crazy/frustrating/fulfilling art of writing. All adults writing in any genre and at any skill level are welcome.

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Word Sprints

Don’t know what a “word sprint” is?  Word sprints are virtual social gatherings with a writing twist!  We host two, 20-minute sessions every Thursday at 1:00PM and 7:00PM each week. They are short, timed writing sessions to encourage you to get those words in your head and onto the page!  When we post “Ready, Set, GO!” at 1:00PM and 7:00PM, this is your cue to write furiously for 20 straight minutes on your own project, ignoring all distractions (and life in general!). We will then comment with how many words we got in, if we achieved our personal expectations and offer encouragement and virtual high fives!

Depending on your writing style (pen and paper, typing, or voice-to-text), word counts may differ greatly, and that’s OKAY! This is not meant to be a competition, but a friendly, fast-paced way to meet your OWN personal writing goals!