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Rep. Toth's staffers act unprofessionally On a recent visit to the state capitol, I was subjected to unprofessional treatment and a violation of church and state by my own Rep. Toth's staffers.
Rev. Beth Ellen Cooper-Davis
To hear the White House tell it, the world seemingly ended once the “sequestration cuts” became official last week. American life as we know it, we’re told, ceased to exist.
Congressman Kevin Brady
Like the little boy who cried wolf, the White House has decided that if there isn’t a crisis, you can create one and take advantage of it. That sums up President Obama’s approach to the looming sequestration.
Congressman Kevin Brady
Congressman Kevin Brady Washington’s dangerous deficits and debt are dragging America’s economy down. The sooner we get our government’s financial house in order, the sooner we get more people back to work.
With the automatic spending cuts set to kick in for the federal government on March 1, the media and Keynesian economists are predicting an economic Armageddon.
Congressman Kevin Brady: originally published in National Review Online
The 83rd Texas legislative session kicked off in January with initial statements on the budget not boding well for the elderly in need of skilled nursing home care.
Arron Horton
Newton Marketing and Design
A summary of the importance of the collective bargaining proposition.
Angela L. Zacharias, Ph.D.
The local non-profit, faith based and business communities stepped forward in partnership with local governments in a powerful way to rapidly meet the emerging issues facing our residents.
Julie Martineau, MCUW President
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a television reporter covering a hurricane!
Ron Mitchell
May is a month for prayer and reflection for our country and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.
Ron Mitchell
When I woke this morning, I found it to be one of the most beautiful days February has given us this year.
Ron Mitchell, Deputy - Harris County Sheriff’s Office
When these so called service professionals come to your home are you getting well trained quality service, or a high school drop-out with a criminal record. Are so called small family companies taking care of their customers.
Jerry Hamlin
I have two young children and have been receiving lots of information over the last week and a half about a strange man on the bike paths and in the parks.
Tiffany P.