Humane Society Supports The Friendship Center Pet MOW Program

Published 10/01/2009


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- In response to a national initiative encouraging Meals-On-Wheels programs to consider assisting home-bound senior adults in feeding the four-legged residents that also occupy their homes, the Humane Society of Montgomery County has joined forces with The Friendship Center of Montgomery County in support of a pet food project to help local seniors care for their best friends and help mates.

“Research has shown that not only are our pets our best friends, but they also assist seniors in remaining healthy, alert, and fulfilled, and enable them to stay in their own homes for longer periods of time,” said Nancy Harrington, TFC president.

“There have been times when we have had concerns that our seniors may have been sharing their much-needed food with their animals, due to budgetary concerns in their retirement years that prevent them from purchasing pet food,” she added. “Obviously our senior adults come first, but no one should have to choose between feeding himself and feeding his or her pet. I know what the answer to that dilemma would be in my household!”

When the Humane Society of Montgomery County moved from the City of Conroe’s shelter on September 20, the board of directors felt that there were worthy causes in the community that could benefit from the pet food that the society obtains from local stores and distributors, and one of those causes was the Meals-On-Wheels pet food project.

HSMC’s board president, Kathy Scoles, said, “It just seems like a natural ‘fit’. We receive the donated food and TFC provides the distribution. Having worked with and supported The Friendship Center for many years, I am very proud that HSMC is able to support not only the seniors but their much-loved pets as well. This will enable us to continue helping the community while we explore other options for HSMC’s future.”

The project actually kicked off in April when The Woodlands Dog Park Club sponsored a food drive during an Easter pet parade. Since then, TFC has also received other grant funding from Banfield, which is the foundation established by PetsMart. The group is also seeking donations of pet food on an on-going basis to help meet the needs of these seniors and their pets year round. Volunteers recruit, sort and deliver the food to the seniors, enabling the agency to operate this much-needed program at no cost.

“Right now we have 132 cats, 77 dogs, 20 birds, one turtle, one ferret, and an unknown quantity of fish that are signed up for food,” she laughed, noting that more than 70 households are receiving assistance. “We welcome the support of anyone who wants to help a senior provide food for their best friend.”

For more information about The Friendship Center please call 936 441-2982 or visit the Web site at the link below. TFC is a United Way agency funded in part by a grant from Montgomery County Community Development.

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