Spay/Houston offers discounts for feral cats in Trap-Neuter-Release Program

By: Spay/Houston
| Published 05/18/2010


Spay/Houston, which is sponsored by Adopt-a-Cat, has long been an advocate of Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs for feral cats over euthanasia. The programs of Stanford University, the University of Texas as well as many municipalities across the United States have proven the success of similar programs in achieving the much needed population control of feral cats. Animal Control has been euthanizing thousands of cats each year.

Their effort hopes to encourage the community to step up and help.

The shelter cost to staff and euthanize one cat is nearly three times the cost to sterilize it. Feral Cat Coalition sterilized over 7,000 cats, reducing cat impounds and euthanasia by 50% and saving their county and taxpayers nearly $1 million. Neutering virtually eliminates behaviors such as roaming, fighting, yowling, and spraying. After all, we as a society created the issue of cat overpopulation therefore making it our duty to humanely rectify the problem.

“Feral cats are the unsocialized offspring of unsterilized domestic cats and one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years.”

In response to this issue, Spay/Houston has developed an affordable package to encourage the TNR of feral and stray cats. The $38 package consists of Spay or Neuter, Rabies vaccine and Ear mite treatment.

Requirements are that every cat must be in a trap and will be ear tipped at time of surgery. Ear tipping is the universal symbol of and only proven way to identify a feral cat has been evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized. Ear tipping ensures that a sterile cat will not undergo unnecessary repeat trapping and surgery.

Trap-Relocation or Trap-Remove (kill) programs have been proven unsuccessful. These actions create a worldwide documented “Vacuum Effect” where more unsterilized cats move into these areas to take advantage of the resources and soon breed to capacity. To make an appointment contact Spay/Houston at 281 260-0015.

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