Byrd Automotive offers Lifetime Oil Change Program

By: Amanda Wick
| Published 02/02/2012


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The cost of keeping up with maintenance on your vehicle(s) can quickly add up. Oil changes are the most frequent service your vehicle needs, not to mention the most important one. Your car has numerous metal parts sliding back and forth across each other hundreds of times each minute. Keeping those parts well lubricated is the secret to keeping your car running well.

Byrd Automotive knows how pricey it can be to get your oil changed every 3 months/3,000 miles, particularly if your vehicle uses more expensive synthetic motor oil. That's why we're offering everyone a chance to participate in the Lifetime Oil Change Program. For a ONE TIME charge you can get FREE oil changes for the life of your car. The cost is just $225 for cars that use standard oil and $250 for cars that use synthetic oil. You can even transfer the program if you decide to buy a new vehicle (for a $25 fee). In additional to regular oil changes, we will also perform tire rotation and a 32 point maintenance report every 6 months.

Oil changes can run anywhere from $40-80+ dollars. You do the math. After just a few oil changes, the program pays for itself! This is great news for your wallet! To take advantage of this savings just stop in to our shop on High Timbers near Market Street in The Woodlands. You can also call our shop at 281-363-0667 or contact us by email.

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