Local psychic connects with pets

By: Leslie Olimon
| Published 07/18/2013


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- When people hear the word psychic, they often picture a woman saturated in jewels looking through a crystal ball. This stereotype is not only false, it detracts from the actual definition of psychic. Essentially, psychic means “of or pertaining to the human soul” from the Greek word psychikos meaning “of the mind." Looking at the etymology, it’s easy to see that the word applies to anything concerning the metaphysical or spiritual realm. Most psychics limit their abilities to serve only humans; however, Petrene Soames, England native and resident of The Woodlands, can communicate with animals as well.

The basis for psychic abilities is the extrasensory perception (ESP) phenomenon, or the ability to gain information with the mind rather than the five physical senses. This term is more popularly known as the sixth sense.

“I always knew things, and could see things, and my reality was very different from other people but very normal for me - so I suppose I did not really know I was different until I was around eight,” Soames said. “I started working with my abilities professionally in my twenties.”

As if her ability to communicate and heal animals wasn’t uncommon enough, Soames offers a rather unique approach to this practice. Since not all of her clients reside in The Woodlands, she gives the option of a phone consultation and merely asks for a picture of the pet in question.

“When I work with animals, I look at the photo of them (if not in person) and I tune into their unique vibration,” Soames said. “I connect with that, the same as with humans I may look at the past where they came from [and] how they have been treated. I look at how they are now, this moment, beyond the moment the photo was taken. I feel their emotions, their mood, any joys as well as frustrations. I look for health problems, where it is, how long its been going on [and] what needs to be done. I also will ask them what they would like their pet human family to know about them - what do they want to say - and then I listen. I generally send this info via e-mail or impart by telephone. People have found it often very helpful in understanding their pet's health or any behavior issues...I also do this with pets and animals who have passed on, just the same as with people they live on.”

An animal lover herself, Soames has taken in 17 animals (10 cats, four dogs, two horses, and one ferret), 15 of which are rescue pets.

“Each animal has taught me something,” Soames said. “Sky Blue, my six year old paint gelding [has taught me] to face fear; my white Persian Chi, that perfect is not always clean, white, and fluffy. My first dog Max that there is always room for even more love. Amazing how much you can give out love and amazing how much you can receive. Most of all, animals are not animals at all, but something else entirely and we are all so very lucky to have them in our lives.”

Naturally, people will have their doubts. Some even scoff at the word “psychic," thinking of the stereotypes perpetuated by Hollywood movies and TV shows.

“I hardly ever meet any [skeptics] as the people who seek me out are of course looking for help and are soon convinced,” Soames said. “I have been in the States about sixteen years and when I first arrived, the word “psychic” did not have much respect, a lot less than in Europe, but it has improved quite considerably. I think a lot of people feel [like] you just go around being psychic every moment of every day and that is not the case.”

In addition to the pet healing services she offers, workshops are also available to help people channel their minds and expand their knowledge. Soames has also written several books on life improvement and self-development. For more information please visit her website at the link below.

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