Tried and true vacation planning tips for summer

Published 05/29/2014


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- With the official start to summer underway, many Texans are just starting to plan for their vacations. July is often considered the most popular vacation month as kids are out of school and college and families can have some quality time together.

For those of us who must travel with children, the summer months otherwise known as peak season may be the only time to take a family vacation. To make it worse, school vacations typically occur around the same time for everyone which means that travelling during school vacations can be hectic, crowded and expensive.

However, according to Brett Grabner, chief operating officer at Leisure Getaways Incorporated, “Just because you are travelling during peak season doesn’t mean you can’t have a truly enjoyable trip. Even peak seasons have better and worse times to travel.”

Grabner offers sound advice to those families seeking a summer getaway. If a beach vacation is where you are headed, look for a less popular beach in the same vicinity or select a random week during the summer for your trip, possibly avoiding the month of July. For example, Florida has 200 miles of pristine shoreline on the panhandle coast, with many beach communities just “off of the beaten path”, but still close to amenities such as restaurants, bars and shopping.

He also advises to choose accommodations “strategically.” Disney World is a popular destination year-round for families, but the price of staying in-resort can be daunting. So, stay in a hotel or condominium within a five mile radius of the park or other specific destination so you don’t waste time in the car driving back and forth in traffic every day.

Since your vacation time is limited, make a detailed itinerary in advance of your trip and more importantly, stick to it. Utilize time-saving services including making reservations or purchasing tickets in advance. While these tips seem commonplace, many people fail to do them and end up travelling more during their own vacation.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated and its highly experienced and well-travelled staff can assist in all aspects of planning a vacation. To learn more about spectacular vacation experiences at any time and on any budget, contact Grabner at (832) 797-5065 or visit

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