Local elementary students think of ways to 'make the Grinch grin' this holiday season

By: Doug Sarant
| Published 12/18/2014


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - In walking through Houser Elementary School the other day to deliver some items for the school Christmas party, I came to the realization that I've been so busy, the Christmas season was passing me by.

Their clever ideas are sure to put a smile on your face.

I needed a quick cure. Luckily, I was at Houser when the light went off in my head because if there's one place where Christmas is celebrated more than anywhere else, it's at an elementary school.

Sure enough, walking down the hall I looked to my left and saw a huge mural on the wall that had been personally decorated by several of Corrie Sheldon's second graders. The title of this mural was..."To make the Grinch grin, I would..."

I began to read and then started smiling from ear to ear. Not too unlike if the Grinch was to read the mural and he suddenly found his heart growing too big for his scrawny little body.

Without any further adieu, the following will no doubt put a smile on your face...

"I would give him a gift and say kind words to him."

"I would invite him to dinner."

"I would give him a hug."

"I'd help him make good choices, tell him that he is a good writer and that he is my friend."

"I'd do front and back flips with him and show him how to be nice."

"I would help the Grinch clean his room."

"I would help him with his math homework and say kind words to him."

"I'd help him in school and make him feel comfortable."

"I would tickle the Grinch's stomach to make him giggle and be his best friend."

Merry Christmas everyone!

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