A holiday gift that will last through the generations, while benefiting a worthy cause

By: Donna Wick
| Published 12/10/2015


THE WOODLANDS, Texas – In today’s society filled with instant gratification and disposable consumer goods that were once supposed to last lifetimes, it is more important than ever to enter the holidays and exit the year with the true meaning of the giving season.

“The tablet computers and video games and smartphones and app store gift cards we give are essentially perishable goods,” said Charles Stevens, Chief Operating Officer of Global Marketing Reserve, the nation’s leading precious metals firm. “Not only do they fail to last in a physical sense, but their import and appreciation for them also wanes at an alarming rate.”

The answer, according to Johnson, is a return to the gift-giving of legacy. Realizing the need for the reestablishment of a gift that would last – and increase in value and appreciation over the year – Global Monetary Reserve is offering an authorized limited release series of commemorative precious metal coins and bars that honor the memory of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle – the subject of the film American Sniper – and his spirit of bravery and patriotism. Proceeds from these precious metal collections will directly benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in its mission to serve military and first responders through a variety of programs.

“Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that you don’t use,” he said. “The most cherished gifts are ones that have meaning. We wanted to be a part of presenting something lasting and of heirloom quality that is symbolic of Kyle’s story, something that can be treasured and passed down from grandparents to grandkids, for generations to come.”

The 1 ounce Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemorative Silver Proof Coin is composed of .999 fine silver. Stevens said these exquisitely finished coins display a billowing American flag on the obverse, or heads side, and the official Chris Kyle Frog Foundation logo rendered in rich detail on the reverse. The logo is an intricate melding of the tattoos worn by Kyle, which symbolizes his respect for fallen comrades and his love of God.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Copper Medallion set is beautiful with two rounds composed of .999 pure copper. Each features the Foundation logo on the reverse, with the American flag on the obverse side of one coin and Kyle’s home state of Texas on the other. A series of uncirculated 1 ounce .999 solid silver rounds are also available. Each finely finished piece is stamped with the Foundation logo with the American flag wings.

The coins and bars are available for purchase via website at, or by calling toll-free 877-795-9585 to speak with a personal advisor. Global Monetary Reserve, LLC is one of the nation’s leading numismatic firms, a trusted source for precious metal investing, including precious metal IRA accounts and numismatic coin collecting and selling.

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