SOCCER: Lady Highlanders defeat Lady War Eagles 5-0

By: Lauren Lance
| Published 02/17/2016


THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The Woodlands High School varsity girls soccer team competed against the Lady War Eagles. The girls battled competitively out on the field with both teams controlling the ball equally. Eventually the Lady Highlanders outplayed the Lady War Eagles with their systematic runs on offense and team effort.

The Woodlands controlled the first half. In the thirty-fourth minute, freshman, Sarah Piper, scored a goal. The Lady Highlanders continued to dominate offensively throughout the rest of the first half. Sophomore, Jazzy Richards, scored another goal for The Woodlands in the twenty-sixth minute. Seven minutes later, The Woodlands scored another goal. Senior captain, Sommer Stanley, scored this goal. At the end of the first half, the score was 3-0, with The Woodlands High School in the lead.

The Lady War Eagles revived and came into the second half stronger and with a better attitude. The girls were able to control the ball more and improve their offense against The Woodlands impermeable defense.

The Lady Highlanders were able to outplay the Lady War Eagles, even with their improvements. In the thirty-sixth minute, senior captain, Grace Piper, scored for the Lady Highlanders. Senior, Maddie Morris, scored the last goal for The Woodlands. This penalty kick was secured by the Lady Highlanders because of a foul inside the goal box by the Lady War Eagles. The final score of the competitive game was 5-0.

After securing this victory, senior captain Grace Piper said she hopes to go to regionals, then state and said her team plans on taking one game at a time.

Senior captain, Emily Cox, added that her team has a lot of potential and everyone plays a crucial part of the team.

The Woodlands Head Coach Dina Graves was extremely proud of her girls and said her main focus is to make it to regionals or the third round of playoffs because in previous years that is where the girls have lost.

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