Kid entrepreneur takes on fidget world

By: Allison White
| Published 06/29/2017


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Chad White wanted a fidget spinner. His Mom said that she would not buy it for him but he could earn his own money to buy it. 'In our family, we don't get money for free,' said his Mom Allison White. 'We do not pay our kids an allowance. They can earn commission for chores and doing other jobs around the house but they do not get paid for just being around.' So, Chad asked his mom if he could start his own fidget business. He came up with the name 'Fidgets R Us' and as they say, the rest is history.

Of course he needed some parental help (Chad obviously does not have a credit or debit card which is required for for internet orders) for the orders. But, from there, he was expected to run the business. He had to figure out how much to sell the fidgets for -- based on cost. How to spread the word about his business and customer service.

'I have learned that running a business is not easy,' said Chad. 'There are many things that go into it. More than I ever thought about. It is not easy but overall it has been fun.'

If you are interested in buying a fidget spinner from 'Fidgets R Us' you can reach Chad via his Mom's cell phone at 832-257-4434.

Chad White is a resident of Spring Trails. He just finished his 2nd grade year at Sojourn Academy.

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