Revive your plants from The Woodlands freeze

By: Kim Kyle Morgan, Woodlands Online
| Published 01/23/2018


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Kids are back in school, traffic has returned to normal. These are the immediate signs of recovery from the recent deep freeze in Montgomery County.

But what about your plants?

Walt Crowder, owner of Lawn Ranger Company, said cutting back your frozen plants may revive them – but hold on just a little longer before doing so.

"Wait until about mid-February before cutting them back, until the chance of another hard freeze has passed," Crowder said. "We seldom have hard freezes after Feb. 15."

Crowder said to cut plants back below the freeze line. On most plants, you can tell where that line is because the stem or stalk above the freeze line will be softer.

"As deep as our freeze was, you may have to go all the way down to just a few inches above ground level," Crowder said.

Keep in mind that patience is a virtue.

"It may be well into April or even May before you see new growth," Crowder said. "If you're anxious to have your landscaping back instantly, you'll probably need to replant."

Ditto if the root structure did not survive the freeze.

"If the roots are dead, there really isn’t any hope," Crowder said. "But if it did survive, the plant will come back if you just give it enough time. It may take all season for those frozen plants to come back to their former state."

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