Conroe ISD Police welcome special visitor

By: Sarah Blakelock, CISD
| Published 02/06/2018


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- The Conroe ISD Police Department welcomed a special visitor recently.

Parker Fortenberry, who is battling brain cancer, was invited for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Conroe ISD Police Command Center on January 19. To assist Parker in fulfilling his wish to be a police officer, he was treated to a special swearing in ceremony complete with uniform fittings.

"It was quite the privilege to meet Parker and fulfill a dream that is so important to him," said Conroe ISD Police Chief William Harness. "He is a courageous and brave young man, and we are pleased to welcome him as an honorary police officer with our department."

In addition to their mission to protect the District’s students, employees, and properties, the Department provides an array of outreach programs to build relationships with the community and support safety, education, and good citizenship.

For more information about the Conroe ISD Police Department, please visit their website at

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