Interfaith of The Woodlands receives donation from Strike employee-raised funds

By: Interfaith of The Woodlands
| Published 02/28/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Interfaith of The Woodlands is pleased to announce it received a $25,000 donation from Strike to help support ongoing Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The donation comes from monetizing more than 965 paid-time-off hours donated by Strike employees. Following Hurricane Harvey, which hit the gulf coast in August 2017, Strike employees contributed their hard earned PTO hours, volunteered their assistance and time to other employees who lost everything and gave generously of their resources to both their fellow employees and community members.

This donation will help support Interfaith’s work in the community, which includes helping those in crisis through financial assistance, and acting as a source of support for new congregations. The goal of this work is to bring people together to build a more loving community through service.

“I am deeply moved by the generosity of Strike employees and am honored to partner with each of them,” said Missy Herndon, Interfaith President and CEO. “What the Strike employees did, giving of their hard-earned vacation time, asking for nothing in return, is a rare, impactful and inspiring act which will have a lasting impact on their neighbors, colleagues and the entire community.”

This culture of giving and community involvement is woven throughout the DNA of the Strike family, and manifests in the advocacy of Strike’s employees through their ‘Campaign for Change’ initiative, which provides Strike employees with opportunities to make a difference in their local community and worldwide.

“I am excited to partner with Interfaith as they continue to cultivate a more caring community culture,” said Steve Pate, Strike CEO. “I am so honored and proud to work in partnership with such generous individuals here at Strike. In the face of incredible adversity, they stepped up to serve their fellow employees, and the entire community, truly exemplifying our core Strike values and our Campaign for Change program.”

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