John Cooper's Kindergarten-Senior Program concludes year as seniors prepare for commencement

By: Debbie Spiess, The John Cooper School
| Published 05/07/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Members of The John Cooper School Class of 2018 wore attire representing the colleges and universities they will be attending in the fall at an end-of-year celebration on May 2. On the same day, seniors enjoyed a final activity with their kindergarten buddies that they have been paired up with all school year as part of Cooper’s Kindergarten-Senior Adoption Project.

“One of the many positive aspects of a PK-12 school community is the ability for students of varying ages to share experiences together,” said faculty co-sponsor and Kindergarten teacher Brenda Early.

The project teams up Cooper’s younger students with the oldest in groups of two, three or four. “Students share fun and educational experiences at least monthly during the school year and form special, and often longstanding, relationships,” added fellow faculty co-sponsor Kim Larance.

Pictured above are kindergartners and seniors enjoying a coloring activity and ice cream sundaes.

Commencement for The John Cooper School Class of 2018 will begin at 2 p.m. on May 25 in the Dunlap Gym on the Cooper campus. The ceremony will be live streamed and can be watched by going to

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