The Woodlands Township reminds residents to remain diligent against mosquitoes; more samples test positive for West Nile

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 06/27/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The Montgomery County Mosquito Abatement team has detected an increase in West Nile Virus positive mosquito samples in The Woodlands and strongly encourages residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

This week, 12 additional samples tested positive for the disease, bringing the total to 16. An increase of this magnitude indicates that it may be an especially high-risk year for West Nile Virus.

Personal protective measures, such as wearing long, loose, light-colored clothing and applying insect repellent before going outdoors greatly reduces the risk of mosquito bites. Residents are encouraged to be a part of the solution by eliminating standing water that can breed mosquitoes on their properties.

Treatment of affected areas by South County Mosquito Abatement is occurring and includes spraying all streets and county rights of way within that area twice in one week. Residents can check the treatment activity map ( to learn if and when spraying will occur in their neighborhoods. Residents are advised to avoid outdoor activity during the scheduled treatment hours.

Remember – mosquitoes spend three-quarters of their lifecycle in the water, so THINK WET:

  • Wear repellent
  • Eliminate standing water
  • Treat water you can’t eliminate

Information about taking precautions against mosquitoes is available at

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