TWCA ready for cross town rival Legacy Prep

By: Carlos Gosselin, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/11/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas-- The Woodlands Christian Academy currently play in the TAAPS Division IV District 4 Standings, and after two wins with coach Randy Hollas The Woodlands Christian Academy are looking to take down ex-champions Legacy Prep Christian. Legacy Prep Lions has started their season 0-2, they are looking to rewrite the start of the season. The Warriors have had success in their school history, from going Region Champions in 2010 to undefeated in 2014. Its Randy Hollas second year at the helm for TWCA and this season already looks to improve from last seasons 4-6 record. Notable players to keep on eye out for in this game, Trenton Langun (Wide Receiver), Austin Fletcher (Wide Receiver), Andrew Leahy (Quarterback), Caden Queck (Quarterback), Caleb Chappele (Cornerback), Dane Jackson (Running back), Sam Herrera (Guard), and Blake Leslie (Offensive Guard).

Legacy Prep Christian Academy is currently in the TAAPS Division IV District 4 Standings, with a season record of 0-2, they look to take on TWCA this Friday night at The Christian Academy. From being an assistant coach at The Woodlands Christian Academy, Lions coach Clint McDonald seems to have a minor homecoming this Friday night. With a common field and program, McDonalds Lions will try to snap out of their 0-2 start and get the first win of the season. In McDonald's tenor as head coach, the program has gone 10-4. With many games left, Legacy Prep Christian will try their best to get the first win on their record. Notable players to watch out for Josh Gabala (Free Safety), Jack Granack (Quarterback), Noah Lightfoot (Cornerback), Reese Glynn (Wide Receiver), Christos Theodoridis (Tight End) and Jeremy Brown (Free Safety).

The battle of the known will happen this week for Legacy Prep Christian and The Woodlands Christian Academy. As for Coach Clint McDonald, he will feel the pressure of coaching against his old program, and for Coach Hollas this will be the chance to keep the dream alive and move to 3-0.

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