Spring Fire Department launches smoke detector checkup program

By: Tracee Evans, Spring Fire Department
| Published 09/14/2018

Spring Fire Firefighter Jacob Bailey (right) testing a smoke detector our crews installed in the Hickman home.

THE WOODLANDS/SPRING, Texas -- Spring residents who wish to have a Spring Fire Department firefighter check their smoke detector can go to SpringFD.org to schedule a smoke alarm check-up.

“If their home’s smoke alarm is no longer functioning or even missing, the Spring Fire Department is coordinating with community partners to replace it with a donated smoke detector at no cost to the resident,” said Spring Assistant Fire Chief Robert Logan.

The Spring Fire Department is able to launch this program thanks to partnerships and donations from organizations like the Insurance Council of Texas.

John and Virginia Hickman were the first Spring residents to get a new smoke detector installed. Their North Hill Estates home was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“Too many lives have been lost in homes where there no working smoke detectors, this partnership are dedicated to changing that,” added Logan. “For all our community has been through recovering from Harvey, we hope this program provides some peace of mind for those we serve.”

Spring Fire Department Station 70 and Station 76 serve portions of The Woodlands area. For more information, visit www.springfd.org.

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