Second match-up of the season between the Oak Ridge War Eagles and The Woodlands Highlanders

By: Rebekah Richmond, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/26/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas-- Any time these teams play, it’s going to be a rumble. Today was no exception. Both teams fought hard and brought their “A” game but gave points away with avoidable errors. The War Eagles out played the Highlanders, scoring the most offensive points, but it wasn’t quite enough to claim the win in the fifth set against The Highlanders.

Highlander’s front row players Dylan Maberry and Amanda Ifeanyi worked overtime blocking some of the War Eagles’ offensive plays and made a few of their own, the first set was quickly tied at 17. Yet, the Highlanders found themselves on top, winning the first set of the match 21-25.

The next two sets were more evenly played. The recently promoted, JV War Eagle hitter, Madison Hall’s defensive blocks and powerful hits majorly contributed to the team’s success. Both sets were packed with kills and blocks on both sides of the net. Highlanders Ifeanyi and Clara Brower made some impressive plays, keeping the scores close, but it still wasn’t enough to defeat The Ridge. 25-20 and 25-23 consecutively.

With Oak Ridge leading the match 2-1, the fourth set was played similar to the first. Both teams gained points from their opponents’ avoidable errors, keeping the score close. In a five-point rally, the red and green ultimately prevailed, tying the match score at 2-2. Final score of the set: 19-25 Highlanders.

As the tie-breaking match started, the gym was filled with chants and cheers for both teams. Oak Ridge started things off with some strong kills by their middle blocker, Savannah Meyer, only to be answered in kind by The Woodlands. In spite of the Highlander’s opposition, The War Eagles quickly gained the lead. But with conservative play, the Highlanders pulled out from behind, winning the tie-breaking set with a score of 9-15.

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