Eight-week-old pibble puppy Bubbles was bitten by a snake. Will you donate toward her vet care?

By: Montgomery County Animal Shelter
| Published 11/08/2018


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Eight-week-old pibble puppy Bubbles arrived at Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS) late Tuesday afternoon with severe swelling to her face and labored breathing - and it was obvious she was in extreme pain. All signs pointed to a snake bite. Given her symptoms, shelter staff knew there was a high probability that Bubbles had been bit by a poisonous snake.

Despite her ordeal, Bubbles remained calm and had the sweetest demeanor. One look in those puppy-dog eyes and the shelter staff knew they had to save her. With in 15 minutes she was on her way to BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital for emergency treatment - funded by rescue partner Operation Pets Alive (OPA). Blue Pearl vets determined that Bubbles needed anti-venom right away or she might not make it. She immediately received one dose and was kept overnight to be monitored. The next morning, although her face and throat were still quite swollen, Bubbles was released to a MCAS medical foster – an experienced foster who could keep an eye on her breathing. Bubbles is resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery.

We are so thankful that Bubbles was able to receive emergency care through the shelter's partnership with OPA, who funds offsite and emergency vetting care for MCAS pets in need. OPA relies on generous donations from animal lovers like you to maintain the offsite vetting fund. We ask that you find it in your heart to give a little toward Bubbles' care. We knew she was worth saving - and we hope you think so too.

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