Kirk Kinart switches from gold to paper with Print Max

By: Brynn Rader, Woodlands Online
| Published 01/30/2019


The Woodlands, Texas -- President of Print Max, Kirk Kinart, was a successful geologist working for an international gold company based in Houston. In June 2001 he decided to switch gears from gold to paper and purchased Print Max, a full-service printing company here in The Woodlands. Kinart and his employees have provided quality printing services to our local community ever since.

Kinart and his family chose to move to The Woodlands in 1993 because of the schools, the environment, and the proximity to the airport. At that time Kinart was deep into his geology career. Kinart said, “I traveled all over the world; 220 days a year I was not in the United States.”

Recalling the outset of the business, Kinart stated that two men with printing backgrounds combined their efforts into one entity that ultimately became Print Max in the early ‘90s. Meanwhile, after company layoffs, Kinart found himself looking for other options. He settled on becoming a business owner. Kinart said, “Participating in the community is what I like. The principal motivating factor for me was I wanted to buy a business that was in my local community and be a part of the local community. And that is just what we have done.”

The learning curve was great for Kinart who said, “I didn’t know anything about printing when I got into this business.” Kinart purchased Print Max in June 2001. Kinart said, “Then, of course, in September we had the World Trade Center get hit by the terrorists. And the economy took a steep nosedive right after I bought the business. It was very challenging.”

“The business has changed a lot since I got into it. We were originally a 100 percent offset printing shop,” Kinart said. Now, most of the business is in the form of digital printing. “The digital revolution has responded to the market requirements.”

Throughout the past 17 years, Kinart has enjoyed developing many relationships with residents in the community. Kinart said, “One of our biggest selling points to people is that they can deal directly with me, the owner.” Kinart has much personal contact with his customers and guarantees their satisfaction.

Kinart and his two employees stated that the most rewarding part of their business is helping a stressed customer who comes to them, producing what they want and making them happy.

Print Max offers printing services along with graphic design and promotional items with personalized company logos. Schools, youth groups and medical offices comprise a large portion of their clientele. Print Max also serves many other local businesses and organizations, shipping orders for their customers here in The Woodlands, nationwide and even globally.

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