Amazing Spaces Storage Centers bring beauty and comfort to the industry

By: Brynn Rader, Woodlands Online
| Published 04/23/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Upon returning to pick up the precious antiques inherited from her grandmother, Kathy Tautenhahn found the items in storage completely ruined. Something had to be done. Kathy and Scott Tautenhahn envisioned a facility offering safe storage spaces in an environment women would feel comfortable and secure visiting. From this vision, Amazing Spaces® Storage Centers were born.

The Tautenhahns fill the need for higher-end storage facilities

Amazing Spaces is a one-stop shop for moving needs. In addition to secure storage, they offer a full line of moving supplies, including specialty items, and are a licensed Penske rental truck partner. The Tautenhahn family, who live in The Woodlands, have opened six locations throughout the greater Houston area since 1998. The storage needs of the nation are on the rise and, because of this state of growth, Amazing Spaces plans to launch two new locations within the next two years.

When entering an Amazing Spaces facility, you may wonder if you are in the right place. The Tautenhahns worked closely with an architect to create a grand space. As a family who loves to ski, the design chosen models a ski lodge. The difference in the space extends beyond the entryway.

“Our properties are also designed to create an optimal storage environment for our clients, setting industry standards in security, amenities and property design,” Kathy Tautenhahn, vice president of Amazing Spaces, said. “We’ve taken the time to incorporate many small but important details into the design [of] our properties to ensure our clients feel comfortable and at ease around every corner. We also offer value-added amenities to all our clients including complimentary use of our beautiful conference rooms and a package acceptance service.”

A variety of storage spaces are available to suit many different needs. The wine room stands out as one of the most beautiful storage areas within the facility. Individuals and restaurants both use the Amazing Spaces wine room to store their valuable liquids in the ideal environment.

The reasons for needing storage vary from person to person. “People need storage during one of life’s most stressful moments, such as moving, downsizing or home renovations. That’s why we place such an emphasis on customer service and creating a relaxing storage environment,” Kathy said. Recharging by the fireplace inside an Amazing Spaces Storage Center may be exactly what is needed during one of these stressful times.

Most people only need storage on a temporary basis. According to Kathy, the average length of storage within the industry is typically about nine months. Due to the above-average, and frankly amazing, services and amenities at Amazing Spaces, people tend to store for much longer at these facilities. “We want our properties to be an oasis that you can go to during a move or relocation. We also want to make the long-term client feel like a place they can come and retrieve items in a relaxed environment,” Kathy said. “Self-storage typically has a bad reputation, but we are here to change that perspective and make sure our clients feel secure and confident in their choice in storage.”

When faced with the situation of needing to locate storage, the Tautenhahns recommend doing research before entrusting your goods to any business. Prepare a list of questions to ask and tour the facilities you are considering. You’ll want to know about the security systems in place and the specific conditions of the environment the items will be kept in.

You can never be too careful when shopping for storage. Amazing Spaces offers tips and advises asking the following questions to get the details on how your belongings will be cared for.

- Do you have working cameras? How are they recorded? How long is the footage kept?
Ideally, the storage facility will have digitally recorded cameras which keep the footage on hand for several months.

- How is your property protected? Do your spaces have alarms on the units? How are the alarms monitored?
Make sure the space is protected by its own alarm monitored by a security team. If anyone opens your door without deactivating the alarm, a security alert should be set off, and a security team should be sent to investigate it. Limited access hours, when no one is allowed on the premises at night, are suggested to maximize security on the property. Amazing Spaces property is fully protected during limited gate hours. If an alarm is triggered on the property after hours, the police are dispatched to the property.

- At what temperature range are the spaces kept?
Preferably, the space should have its own ventilation system to ensure the climate controlling goes into your space, protecting your items.

- Are the floors painted and sealed to cut down on dust and minimize dirt?

- How often do you perform pest controlling?

- How often does your management team walk the property?

“Not all storage is created or built the same,” Kathy said. “We have been in the industry for 23 years, and each time we build a new project we build it with our clients in mind. Your items are special, and they need to stay that way. We make sure to build the most superior product to protect and keep every item the same as when you first stored it with us, no matter if it’s for one month or 20 years.”

Delivering superior service is indeed an accomplishment Amazing Spaces provides year after year. People in our community voted Amazing Spaces number one for the 10th consecutive year in our Best of The Woodlands event. “It’s truly humbling to receive this vote of confidence,” Kathy said. This award “helps us stay on the path to providing only the best to everyone who visits our properties.”

Each year Amazing Spaces receives the support of the community utilizing their services. The support is reciprocal and has always been an integral aspect of the business model. Giving back to the community is a pillar of the operating mission of Amazing Spaces. “We try to donate to as many organizations and as often as possible,” Kathy said. “Since opening our doors in 1998, we’ve donated over $180,000 back to our community! We also love donating storage spaces and boxes to organizations in need. For example, we recently donated storage space for the Woodlands Children’s Museum’s Amazing Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit.”

Helping philanthropic organizations by offering their services means a great deal to those benefiting from their generosity and to Amazing Spaces. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know we are helping our community,” Kathy said.

When the Tautenhahn family isn’t busy traveling the globe on one of their many adventures, they can be found right here in The Woodlands. They’ve called our community home for 12 years.

If storage needs are on your horizon, stop by Amazing Spaces Storage Centers for a tour, and see the amazing difference for yourself.

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