HFG Wealth Management – Helping Employees transition A Company Merger or Acquisition!

By: Amanda Rabon
| Published 05/16/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- HFG Wealth Management is a Texas-based wealth management and financial advisory firm whose headquarters are in The Woodlands. For over 30 years, HFG’s Founder and CEO Larry Harvey has been helping individuals and families navigate their personal financial challenges when they are faced with a company merger, acquisition, management buyout, or corporate restructuring. “News headlines of corporate turmoil can be unsettling to some employees,” Harvey said. “Typically before, during and after such headlines come to fruition, employees tend to worry about who will be let go, promoted, reassigned, or relocated. An organization’s upheaval can have a short and/or long-term impact on your financial future let alone your equity plan holdings.”

Any type of shake-up at work is an excellent time to speak to a fiduciary financial advisor regarding your 401K, vested and unvested stock and discuss your short and long-term goals and needs. Harvey says, “Ultimately, preparing for the future will help to reduce the stress that your company’s transition might bring upon you and your family.”

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances (IMAA) collects data from national and cross-border from (outbound) and into the US and reports that “since 1985, more than 325’000 mergers & acquisitions transactions have been announced with a known value of almost 34’900 billion USD. In 2017, a new record was broken in terms of number of deals with 15’100 which is a 12.2% increase over 2016. The record of total value of deals took place in 2015 with 24’100 billion USD.” The Houston Chronicle reported on March 15, 2019, data collected by The Texas Lawbook Corporate Deal Tracker handled 869 mergers & acquisitions in 2018, up 18 percent from 2017. With these record numbers of mergers and acquisitions, along with Greater Houston’s abundant wealth and growth of industries in Healthcare, Technology, Energy and Power, our local workers are targeted, facing corporate upheavals.

HFG partners with some of Greater Houston’s top attorneys and CPA’s, with strong relationships in the community, HFG is able to collaborate with leading-edge individuals and companies to better serve our clients, and help those affected by corporate mergers and acquisitions transition smoothly.

HFG Wealth Management is not a broker-dealer. HFG is a comprehensive, independent, fee-only wealth management and financial advisory firm serving clients nationwide. “We at HFG understand that major life events, such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, are often the catalyst that drive people to seek assistance managing, growing, and protecting their finances,” Harvey said. “With over 30 years of experience, our team has helped individuals, families, and business owners in many unique situations navigate their financial future with our personalized financial life-planning process and concierge-quality advisory services.”

HFG is a Diversified Fund Advisor, lending our clients’ portfolios global investment opportunities that many other wealth management firms do not have access to. Our holistic approach aims to optimize our clients’ diverse finances and life plans to create a coordinated, efficient, and effective road map to financial security - giving them peace of mind.

“Financial success is a journey not a destination,” says Harvey. Come discover the difference at HFG and start your plan today.

For information about HFG Wealth Management or to learn more about our complimentary second-opinion service, please visit www.hfgwm.com or call 832-585-0110.

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