Safe Driving App Launches Campaign To Keep Families and Teens Safe This Summer

By: Courtney Scioli
| Published 05/23/2019


SAFE 2 SAVE -- The free mobile app launched their SAFE 2 SAVE 100 Days summer long initiative encouraging the community to drive with increased levels of caution. People are asked to advocate for safe driving this summer by driving undistracted.

The summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day is the most dangerous time for teen drivers during the year. Crash rates for teens increase 14 percent during the summer months due to speeding, late night driving and distracted driving. The SAFE 2 SAVE app rewards users points for driving without touching their phones that can be redeemed at local businesses for free items and discounts. Participating businesses include McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, La Madeleine, and Papa Johns just to name a few.

“21 percent of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their phones,” said Marci Corry, CEO of SAFE 2 SAVE. “We have such a unique place in the market because there aren’t a lot of products that change behavior and free food is such a fun incentive for teens and the whole family to combat this distracted driving epidemic.”

Join SAFE 2 SAVE this summer as we work to spread awareness about the importance of driving safe amongst teens and ultimately save lives.

How to be an advocate:
- Be a voice in the car. Don’t let friends drive wreckless or distracted
- Talk about driving safety before it is too late
- Download SAFE 2 SAVE and spread the word about the app so family, friends, and neighbors can be rewarded for not using their phone in the car
- Use #S2S100Days on social media and share out about the importance of driving safe this summer

To learn more information about SAFE 2 SAVE’s 100 Days Campaign and how you can get involved, contact Courtney at

Memorial Hermann Life Flight is the title sponsor for SAFE 2 SAVE in the Greater Houston area. Currently, Houston is the most distracted city in the nation and MH cares deeply about injury prevention. This is seen as a proactive approach effectively driving change, creating conversation about the epidemic of distracted driving and truly rewarding good behavior.

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