Meridian Springs Primary Care celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Woodlands Chamber Ribbon Cutting Event

By: The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce
| Published 06/07/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Meridian Springs Primary Care, the pioneer direct primary care clinic serving patients from the Woodlands and surrounding areas, celebrated its 2nd year anniversary with the Woodlands chamber of commerce ribbon cutting event on may 24th. The clinic was founded by Dr. Bhavana Rao, a family physician and a long time Woodlands resident. It was founded in the May of 2017.

The idea to start a membership based primary care clinic serving the Woodlands happened by chance in 2016. Dr. Rao's husband, Mr. Sunil Vasisht, who was studying MBA in Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, was looking for a topic for his Capstone project. With his initial Capstone proposal rejected, Dr. Rao's husband decided to research the feasibility of a membership model for Primary Care.

Over the one year of his research, Mr. Vasisht interviewed doctors around the country to understand the model. After running the revenue models, cost structures and feasibility studies, the couple decided to venture into the business.

Starting from zero patients, Dr. Rao has built her practice over the last two years. Direct primary care model has gained huge popularity and patients are now starting to switch to this model from the traditional insurance based model.

Meridian Springs Primary Care has now ventured into employer direct care solution by partnering with healthsharing companies like Sedera and Zion health. They now offer free health coverage review for both families and employers.

Visit to learn more about direct primary care model.
Sunil Vasisht, Co-founder
(832) 797-4198

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