What You Need to Know About Fireworks

By: Jimmy Williams
| Published 07/02/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - Follow Local Rules. Fireworks are not allowed in many cities and The Woodlands Township. If you live in a municipality, check with City Hall to see if it is legal to possess or discharge fireworks in your area.

More than 9,000 people went to emergency rooms with fireworks injuries last year and five died, including a Texas man.

Under State Fireworks regulations, you may need a permit if you are putting on a fireworks show for more than 50 people, even if you’re using retail-grade fireworks. If you hire someone to put on a display for your group, make sure they have a Texas pyrotechnic operator’s license. To find out if someone has a Texas license, contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 1-800-578-4677.

While our best advice is to take in a public fireworks display, we realize that many residents will want to celebrate the 4th of July with consumer fireworks. IF you choose to do so, here are some safety tips.

- Children should not use fireworks. Make sure an adult is always watching.
- Remember: Alcohol and fireworks are a bad mix.
- Follow the instructions on the firework.
- Avoid shooting fireworks near dry grass, brush, or other materials that can easily catch on fire.
- Never aim fireworks where they could land on a house or hit a person.
- Have a bucket of water, garden hose, or other water source ready for emergencies.

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