The best tacos in town: Sofy's Taqueria serves delicious, authentic Mexican food

By: WOL Staff
| Published 07/31/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Sofy had a dream, and five years ago, her dream became a reality.

It had always been her dream to own a taqueria and feed people the highest quality Mexican food. And now her clientele come in masses, at all times of the day, to get their taste of her cooking. Her phone starts ringing first thing in the morning with orders for tacos, and she caters events for local churches and businesses.

“I can make anything,” Sofy said. “I serve only the best food that I myself would eat. This is authentic Mexican food; not Tex-Mex.”

When I walked up to the counter to order, Sofy greeted my family and me with a big, warm smile. We placed our order and she told us to hurry and sit down next to the fan so we could stay cool while we waited. The lunch crowd was trickling off for the day, but customers wearing everything from business attire to shorts and T-shirts stopped in. Some grabbed their food to-go and others ate there.

The menu boasts dishes that Sofy is well-known for in the area: from tacos and quesadillas to burritos and tamales. The best-selling taco on the menu is the loaded breakfast taco, which is filled with potatoes, eggs, beans, bacon and cheese.

We ordered the Texas burrito with steak, a cheese quesadilla and a taco plate with tacos al pastor. Minutes after ordering, our food came out piping hot. The Texas burrito had juicy, lean steak, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, rice, beans and sour cream all wrapped in one of Sofy’s handmade tortillas. The three tacos al pastor were served with all fresh ingredients on perfect corn tortillas with a side of rice and beans.

Upon first bite, it was evident we had found our new favorite Mexican restaurant in town.

Sofy’s Taqueria has been at its current location on Oakhurst Drive for almost two years now, serving up some of the best Mexican food in The Woodlands. When Sofy looked over at the taqueria from the table where she sat next to me, she gave thanks for how far she’s come.

“I didn’t want to call it Sofy’s,” she recalled. “My name is ugly. But my old boss, he told me that I should call it Sofy’s. So we did. And when we saw the name ‘Sofy’s Taqueria’ [on the restaurant], we all cried.”

Sofy’s love for cooking parallels her love for her customers. After sitting and chatting for a few minutes, she popped into the house to start a new batch of beans.

“Just because it may not seem busy out here, know that I’m always busy cooking,” Sofy said. “There are always orders to work on.”

And while she’s been in her current location for two years, conveniently located near the I-45 feeder road, there’s still work to be done.

“We have to keep people cool while they eat,” she said as she surveyed the space. “I care about my clients and I want to keep them coming back.”

And as soon as someone walked up to the window to order, Sofy got up from the table and headed back to take care of them. For her, this isn’t just a business. It’s what brings her so much joy. Sofy makes a taco - and serves it with a smile - that will keep customers coming back for as long as she’s willing to cook.

You can stop by Sofy’s Taqueria at 25403 Oakhurst Drive seven days a week or visit their page on Facebook for more information.

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