Lighthouse Technologies Discusses Why You Should Install Smart Home Lighting

By: Brian Kraft
| Published 08/21/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Up until about a decade ago, home lighting was pretty basic. You either bought a CFL bulb, or an incandescent bulb, and screwed it in.

The switch on the wall flipped the light on, or off. It had been that way for about a 80 years or so.

Today however, the options are limitless. And investing in smart lighting technologies for your home has moved from being something you should think about doing, to something you really can access quite easily.

Lighting is really important for everything you're doing inside of your home. Lighting can make the experience of living and entertaining in your home more rich and rewarding.

Some of the things you can do with smart lighting include:
- Intelligently designed lighting scenes based on how and when you use the spaces in your home
- Saving money and controlling energy costs by switching off lights in rooms that aren't being used
- Adding stylistic features that highlight the architecture of your home, including artwork or design features
- Improved productivity through different lighting schemes (the science is new on this, but it’s very promising in showing that the correct lighting promotes better health outcomes)
- Increased security by making a would-be Intruder have to guess whether you are home or not
- And more

Of course, smart lighting can be purchased now at Big Box retailers, and can do small-scale things within your home. But you may end up with several apps to control several different features, as opposed to building one fully-integrated home lighting system.

This is why we often recommend using Lutron components, and combining them with a Savant control solution for your home.

Would you like to illuminate your home with the colors of your favorite sports team for the big day?

We can do this with some amazing custom solutions.

If we can be of any help to you with any home lighting questions or anything else for your smart home, please contact us, or visit to learn more.

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