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By: Woodlands Online
| Published 01/03/2020


'To Whom it may concern, January 3, 2020

My name is Colby, and I am a 12-year-old resident of Spring, Texas. I became a resident of Spring with my family over a year ago, and we chose to live in the Candlelight Hills Community. One of the reasons my family chose this neighborhood is because of the mature landscape and the overall feel of the neighborhood. Even though we live in a mature neighborhood, the area around has been growing. Growth brings great things to an area such as a boosted economy and more diversity. With the positive attributes of a community growth, there are unforeseen issues that also follow. Right outside my neighborhood they are building a new apartment complex which will surely bring much needed rentals to accommodate the growth in my community. One issue that I have seen that could be potentially dangerous is the intersection of Candle Creek Dr and Louetta Rd. When trying to leave my neighborhood, I have witnessed several “almost accidents” due to several hazards. On the left-hand size, there is a ditch that has a guard rail. The guard rail causes an obstruction and drivers almost have to pull out into the lanes in order to see around it. None of the other ditches in the area have a guard rail and this particular guard rail has the potential to cause some serious accidents while trying to turn out of the neighborhood. Additionally, because of the growth of Spring, and Louetta Rd being a major travel through for residents, turning left from my neighborhood is almost impossible. There is a constant flow of vehicles coming from both directions that causes a driver to have to take unnecessary risk because there is no light to allow residents from my neighborhood to safely leave. In conclusion, removal of the guard rail and an addition of a light at the Candle Creek Dr and Louetta Rd intersection will help make leaving the neighborhood safer.'

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