Brenda and John Duncan YMCA Collecting Monetary Donations and Gift Cards for Residents Impacted by Facility Explosion

By: Lisa Spence and Kirsten Hinds
| Published 01/30/2020


HOUSTON, TX -- In collaboration with the City of Houston, the American Red Cross, and Memorial Assistance Ministries, the Brenda and John Duncan YMCA is collecting monetary contributions and gift cards that will be distributed to families and individuals that have sustained damage to or been displaced from their homes or residences following the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing facility explosion.

Executive Director Wade Schrock attended Gessner-area Town Hall last night to discuss how the community impacted can access resources

The YMCA of Greater Houston has been inspired by the generosity that has already been displayed by the community, and wants to ensure that they are best meeting the needs of those impacted by distributing monetary contributions so that our neighbors can secure assistance to help repair their homes or residences.

Like a good neighbor, the Brenda and John Duncan YMCA immediately took action as soon as the explosion happened and started collecting donated items for displaced families. To date, a total of 3,967 items have been collected, which included 1,203 articles of clothing and 2,759 household items (non-perishable canned goods/food, hygiene products, bedding, etc.).

The center is no longer collecting donated items and will be distributing the goods starting Thursday, Jan. 30 through Monday, Feb. 3 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The American Red Cross will be directing those in need through their case management services and the YMCA will assist others impacted not seeking case management services who were also impacted by the blast.

All monetary donations and gift cards collected will be awarded to families and individuals through a partnership with Memorial Assistance Ministries through their case management services. To connect with Memorial Assistance Ministries regarding case management services, please contact their offices at 713-468-4516. YMCA of Greater Houston will also extend financial assistance to members in need regarding programs and memberships.

Houstonians can assist those impacted by making a donation via or drop off a gift card at any YMCA of Greater Houston center.

The Brenda and John Duncan YMCA’s Executive Director Wade Schrock joined City Council Member Amy Peck, The American Red Cross, Memorial Assistance Ministries, and other organizations involved in the recovery process at a neighborhood Town Hall last night, Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Wade shared details about current item collections and how community members impacted can access those resources.

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